Difference between Payfunnels and Stripe

  • Payfunnels is the front-end invoicing software for Stripe that is simple and easy to use. We make Stripe easy to use and set up subscription/recurring payments.
  • Comparing to Stripe Billing, we have the following options:
  1. Stripe Billing doesn't have a Payment Plan. Eg. A subscription with a predefined term. Eg. $300/mo for 3 months only.
  2. Stripe Billing doesn't have One-time Setup Fees for subscriptions.
  3. Stripe doesn't provide a link/script to set up the checkout page on your website easily.
  4. Payfunnels has fixed predictable monthly costs.
  • The Stripe fee for the US is currently 2.9% + 30ยข USD (it might change from country to country, but here is the URL for the Stripe Fees(https://stripe.com/us/pricing ) Even if you have Payfunnels you'll still be responsible for the Stripe fees.
  • Please email us at support@payfunnels.com if you have any questions.