Difference between Payfunnels and Stripe

  • Payfunnels is the front-end invoicing software for Stripe that is simple and easy to use. Basically, we make Stripe easy to use set up subscription/recurring payments.
  • Comparing to Stripe Billing, we have the following options:
  1. Stripe Billing doesn't have a Payment Plan. Eg. A subscription with a predefined term. Eg. $300/mo for 3 months only.
  2. Stripe Billing doesn't have One-time Setup Fees for subscriptions.
  3. Stripe doesn't provide a link/script to easily set up the checkout page on your website.
  4. Payfunnels has fixed predictable monthly costs, whereas Stripe will charge additional fees on every transaction on top of the processing fees(https://stripe.com/pricing).
  • The Stripe fee for the US is currently 2.9% + 30ยข USD (it might change from country to country, but here is the URL for the Stripe Fees(https://stripe.com/us/pricing ) even if you have Payfunnels you'll still be responsible for the Stripe fees.
  • Please email us at support@payfunnels.com if you have any questions.