Can I "Pause Client's Subscription"?

  • Please go to the subscription section in Payfunnels and click on the subscription you want to pause. Please scroll down, and you will see the Pause button. Click on the Pause button. Below is the Screenshot.

  • You will get two options. One is to "Resume Manually" and another one "Resumes Automatically". Below is the screenshot.

  • If you pause manually, then you will have to start again manually. If you choose automatically, then please enter the date, and the subscription will be active again on the date you entered. The billing cycle(billing date) will stay the same.
  • You will also have to choose the reason for pausing the service from the 3 options: Not offering services, Offering Service for Free, or Temporary Pause subscription.
  • If you choose the 'Temporary Pause Subscription' option, then it will generate the invoice on the billing date and keep it as a draft, so you can take the payments when you resume the subscription if desired.
  • The other 2 options: Not offering services and Offering Service for Free will not generate the invoices.

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