How to add Team members like Sales, Manager, or Admin to the Payfunnels account?

You can now add your Team members to your Payfunnels account with limited or full access. This feature is available on our Pro Max plan ( $ 49/ month)

  • To add a Team member, click on the 'Teams' section in Payfunnels. Check roles and permissions by clicking on 'View roles' before adding a team member. Below is the screenshot.

Role permissions: This shows the detail of the access a particular team person can have on your account.

  • Click on the 'Add' button once you decide the options you want to give to your team member. Below is the screenshot.

  • Now enter the email of that person and select the role and click 'Add'. Let's choose Sales for now. Below is the screenshot.

  • Your salesperson will now receive an invitation by email to join your team. Below is the sample screenshot of the email.

  • Now, your Salesperson can signup using the invitation link. Below is the screenshot of the signup page, once the link is clicked.

  • That's it, your Sales representative can make invoices and start taking payments.

  • You can use the same procedure to add a Manager or Admin to your Payfunnels account.

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