My client getting an error "Your card does not support this type of purchase"

  • If your client is facing an error as "Your card does not support this type of purchase," below are the possible reasons behind that: 

  • Is it a debit card? Some debit cards require a PIN to be entered, so the debit cards with PIN will not work unless they can be used as a credit card. Pre-paid credit cards will not work either. Please ask your customers to use a regular credit card.
  • Does it have cross-border restrictions? Some cards have limitations on cross-border usage. If the card was issued in a country other than your business, this could be the problem. In this case, your customer will get a "Notification to authorize the transaction/request as shown below screenshot." Please wait until they receive notification, or they should contact their bank to remove the restriction.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Once a user clicks on "Everything is OK," DO NOT GO BACK and retry, or your client(user) will be charged twice.

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