How to Create a Custom Payment Plan?

Below are the steps to create a "Custom Plan"
  • Please click on the New Invoice and select the 'Custom plan' tab shown in the screenshot below.  Now, click on the Plus(+) button and enter the first payment amount you would like to charge your client.

  • When you click on the plus(+) button, you will see a new tab. Enter the first payment amount you would like to charge and click 'Add'. (This amount will be charged on the day when the customers start the subscription) Below is the screenshot.

  • Again, click on the plus(+) button to add more payments and intervals.
  • To add more custom payments, select the 'Add Custom' option.
  • If you want to start Recurring payments after 1st custom payment, then select the 'Recurring' option OR if you want to start a payment plan after 1st custom payment, then go with the 'Payment plan' option. Below is the screenshot.

  • Once done, save the invoice. Your plan is ready. Please click view invoice or copy and paste the short link in the browser to view the invoice.
  • Note: Currently, it is not possible to edit the amount on Active subscriptions and you can take up to 5 custom payments using the 'Custom plan' invoice at a time.
  • Currently, the 'Custom plan' feature is available only in the 'Pro' and 'Pro Plus' plans. 

Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions.