How to set up "Zapier integration"?

Add Payfunnels with Zapier and set your actions on triggers.

  • You can connect your Payfunnels accounts with Zapier and create the required zaps with just a few simple steps.
  • Login to your Payfunnels account. Go to the Integration section and click on the Generate button. Below is the screenshot.

  • Now you will get a Zapier's id and a Zapier's API key to connect your Payfunnels account with Zapier.

  • Now, go to login/signup page and sign up or log in to your Zapier account and create a new zap by clicking on the Make a Zap button.
  • Search for Payfunnels in the search section and select the app.
  • Select appropriate trigger events from the dropdown.
  • Now sign in to your Payfunnels account by clicking on the Sign in to Payfunnels.
  • You will get a popup asking for your Zapier Id and API key. Please enter the information from the Zaiper section in Payfunnels. Click on Yes, Continue.
  • Next, test your trigger to ensure your setup is correct. Click on the Test trigger.